Complex equipment of the center for input of documentary data

The tasks to be performed by our company in building the Data Processing Center:

1. Construction of a technical process for the creation and operation of a data center, entirely

  • Joint definition with the customer of specific equipment and software for the project
  • Professional high-speed scanners
  • Workstations, servers
  • Network, power supply
  • Software input, recognition,
  • Special software (operator interface, workflow technologist, statistics)

2. Building a technological environment
In the work we always follow the auxiliary equipment and the environment of the process

  • Air conditioning, humidity, lighting, etc.
  • Ergonomics of workplaces
  • Additional equipment - trays, knives, copiers, etc.

3. Complex supply of technology
For the project, we are also ready to develop the necessary regulatory and technological documents:

  • Operators instructions,
  • Descriptions of processes,
  • Routing cards
  • Administration and technologists instructions
  • Organization of the operators work - distribution of work, statistics and monitoring of results - for each operator and each document
  • Optimal staffing
  • Completion of forms
  • Training and training of employees

4. Providing support, service and support of technology to ensure successful implementation.
After the successful organization of the data center, we accompany throughout the life of the operation:

  • Routine maintenance of scanners
  • Urgent repair and restoration of the complex, hot-swap equipment
  • Real advisory support of technology based on the experience of own use of ALL products
  • Improvements, software support

5. Ensuring further development of the data center

  • Scaling
  • Software development, integration into the customer's information system
  • Inclusion in the processing cycle of new forms, new tasks