Filling up an electronic archivea

The company offers comprehensive services for creating and filling an electronic archive of documents.

The main technological stages:

1. Preparation and examination of documents, determination of the volumes of arrays for various levels of processing development of processing technology for documents of various types.
At this stage, the following is done: sorting documents, if necessary, archival processing, removing staples and staples with their subsequent recovery, unloading of document folders with their subsequent restoration; the allocation of sheets of non-standard sizes and damaged sheets for their subsequent "manual" scanning through flatbed scanners, or bringing to a single format.

2. Streaming mass scanning and restoration of archival documents.
At this stage, the scanning parameters are selected for obtaining the maximum image clarity, background filtering for old archival documents, printing of unique archive numbers for simple unambiguous identification of documents

3. Data input, recognition and indexing of the document.
Perhaps, it’s one of the most time-consuming stages. At this stage, the processing of document images and text recognition is carried out; creating a database of documents, indexing and recording on electronic media; verification of the correctness of the recognized information (including verification of the identifier of the performer and his authority); input of text documents using text recognition systems, input of tables, input of notes to figures and diagrams, visual verification of correctness of information input; input forms and forms filled by hand using text recognition systems or manual input of data into an electronic archive of paper documents.

4. Save and upload index information to the database and create an array of electronic images and transfer of electronic documents to the customer, integration into the information system.
At the final stage, we save images in TIFF, JPEG, PDF, BMP formats, compress image sizes, fully match the structure of paper documents and in electronic form, save the archive database in the formats required by the customer, write data to CD / DVD.