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What are the benefits of transfer archives into electronic format?

The number of electronic documents doubles over the year, and paper documents grow by only 7%

Recently, most enterprises in the world are trying to move from paperwork to electronic documents.

  • Expenses for payment of storage space for documents will be reduced 80 times. While the cost of electronic storage systems is constantly decreasing, and their capacity in the meantime increases.
  • The growth of each employee productivity of the archive will increase by 25-50 times
    The processing time of one document will decrease by more than 75%
  • The electronic catalog of the archive will provide fast, convenient and accurate accounting of documents, analytical work and compilation of necessary collections
    Speed of request processing to electronic archive will satisfy the most demanding user
  • An electronic copy of the document will be available simultaneously to all interested persons of the electronic network
    The problem of the lack of a document in the hands of another user is solved, for any employee - any number of copies of the required document is available
    At the same time, there will be protection against unauthorized access to electronic archives
  • Physical depreciation and risk of loss of paper documents will be minimal ...
    Documents in the electronic archive will be protected against destruction.
    The archive can be stored more compactly in remote storages for formal and legal purposes.
  • The human factor that threatens the incorrect arrangement of documents in the electronic archive will be excluded
    The electronic control system will unerringly place the electronic document in the place of its destination

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